lost in thought

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lost in thought (σδρ 3.4)
ink on paper (asemic notebook)
from ‘thought series’ by Sofia Demetrula Rosati

second thought

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second thought (σδρ 2.4)
ink on paper (asemic notebook)
from ‘thought series’ by Sofia Demetrula Rosati

train oh thought

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train of thought (σδρ 1,3)
pencil & ink on paper (asemic notebook)
from ‘thought series’ by Sofia Demetrula Rosati

Renee Gladman

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“It seemed one needed to write in order to see; one had to move out across the page and then through—but maybe not through the page. It would be movement nonetheless and would require the body to transform the physical body becoming astral or like a line itself, moving further in. Something. But how did you get out of language from language? … There was an elsewhere bearing down on me, in the whiteness of this space. We were staring at its blankness, and this was when I lifted my arm and brought my hand close to the surface. I made a mark …”   from Calamities by Renee Gladman


In June 2017, Wave Books published Prose Architectures, a selection from over 300 drawings made by Renee Gladman between spring 2013 and fall 2014.


Renee Gladman, Prose Architectures 251 (2014)



Renee Gladman, Prose Architectures 255 (2014)



Renee Gladman, Prose Architectures 35 (2013)


Renee Gladman (1971) is a poet, novelist, essayist, and artist. She has published prose works including the Ravicka series of novels and the crime novel, Morella; the poetry collection, Calamities; and a monograph of drawings, Prose Architectures. She lives in New England with poet-ceremonialist Danielle Vogel.

Irma Blank- una vita posseduta dalla scrittura

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Sono prigioniera di un pensiero-non pensiero.
Non so se è la scrittura
che determina la mia vita
oppure se è la mia vita
che si è impossessata della scrittura.
Non vedo alcuna distinzione.
Irma Blank
settembre 2010



Irma Blank, Eigenschriften, Untitled, 1970, pastel on cardboard, 46×38 cm




Global writings” 2000-2008
scrittura digitale, serigrafia su carta cm.78×64




Radical Writing, 1989, tecnica mista su carta, cm 16×24

Irma Blank (Germania, 1934; vive e lavora a Milano)



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